Photography for social media in New York City

In this Age of Social Media, having compelling visuals that relate your business to your customers through channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is of utmost importance.  Being able to carry on a dialogue with your customers through storytelling makes your product, brand or experience all the more relatable.

Many studies have shown that “earned media” (think viral videos, PewDiePie, memes, even Trump 2016) is often times much cheaper and more effective than very expensive paid media (think TV commercials, billboards, and print advertising).  In this exciting new world, content is KING.  Constantly having fresh, high quality visuals that help communicate your message, add depth of context, or accentuate your message is critical to getting people’s attention.

Are you well equipped to compete?

New in 2018, Artvesta Studio is bringing to the NYC market the Photo Routes program. Photo Routes is a program which provides cost effective photography on an ongoing basis so that our business clients have fresh, professional shots to share on their website, promotional print materials, and on their social media presence. Content is King and our clients want to stand out regularly with compelling visuals.

How we came up with this?

Well, we got this idea from a variety of clients who did not want to set up just one expensive shoot that has everything set up. They needed an ongoing edge. Here are examples of requests:

1. Music: musicians and bands need us to take shots of their regular performances in town

2. Event Space: event space owners wanted us to cover events and special promotions at the venue

3. Bars & Restaurants: food space owners want us to capture not only the events, but also their food and beverage specialties

4. Retail: retail owners on their weekly specials, online catalog, and ongoing stories for social media

The primary need is for fresh content, produced as quickly as possible to support promotional needs online and on social media.

Here’s how it works:

On specific days, we will have a photographer travel a specific route within Manhattan. They will make pre-designated stops of 50 min each at each and shoot a series of photographs of your choosing. These photographs will be shot on the spot and delivered on the spot up to 10 hi-res shots of your choosing. Other shots will be made available to you via an online low-res proof gallery for you to purchase.

We will do this every week.
You will get a profile of the photographer, their skill set, and a sample of their portfolio.

How much does this cost?

Our introductory rates:

Initiation Fee: $300 (one time) – this is to get you into the system and create the stop for our photographers

Ongoing: $150/week ($600/month) which consists of 1 session a week lasting approximately 45 min. We will deliver 10 specific hi-res shots. More photos can be purchased a la carte.

Contact us today to sign up! 212.300.3897 |



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